Virtual Exhibition

The Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation
Instigator Regal by Terry Culbert, Acrylic on canvas, 24”x24”

The Art of Conversation virtual exhibition is the culmination of a new project and partnership between the Prince Edward County Arts Council and Community Care for Seniors. Inspired by a similar initiative that took place in Fort McMurray, Alberta, the project aimed to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation by connecting 15 seniors to 15 local artists through conversation.

Artists then created a new piece of art inspired by the conversations, which explored the senior’s past, present self, or possibly future aspirations. The artwork is being exhibited here, and also gifted to senior participants.

Participating artists include: Janice Gibbins, Susan Wallis, Terry Culbert, Phil Norton, Gwen Roberts, Rhonda Nolan, Andrea Piller, Irene Gotz, Renee Hiltz, Tomas Del Balso, JC Sulzenko, Petra Lepage, Sheila Stanley, Richard Leach, and Pam Patterson.

This is a Facebook Event. Please click the Discussion tab to see the work. We invite comments and shares!

Click here to see the exhibition. Enjoy!

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