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Through the Big, Honourable Mention Award, Art in the County, 2017
Through the Big, Honourable Mention Award, Art in the County, 2017
Introducing Kate Golding
About Andrea Piller

The sculptural clay vessel is a potent vehicle for my mark making and aesthetic. It is a foundation for my abstractions. The way I work is animated by the shifting seasons, the land, sky and shorelines that surround me…

Hand building techniques are used, ie. slabs, pressing, and coiling. Layers of coloured slips and glazes are applied and fired in an electric kiln to cone six. I invite and seek the colours, forms and textures, strong and subtle that I have seen and felt from a place or sightline. Mastering clay materials to become a significant worthy document is a personal challenge and experimental journey.

My finished work acts as metaphor for human experience. Choosing clay as my medium is deliberate and pays attention to its history as craft and the ceramic studio movement in Canada.

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Ember Studio

771 Bethel Road, Prince Edward


285 Main Street, Bloomfield

Sybil Frank Gallery

305 Main Street, Wellington

Gordon Harrison Gallery

495 Sussex Drive, Ottawa

Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

25 Caroline Street North, Waterloo

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