Your membership allows us to provide services that have a direct impact on artists, and to provide programs that create meaningful opportunities for residents and visitors to engage with the arts.

We are accepting memberships for 2021, which will be valid until May 31, 2022. To join or renew electronically, please select the category relevant to you and use the Paypal button to submit a payment and your contact information. Otherwise, please submit a paper copy of the Membership Form along with your cheque made payable to the Prince Edward County Arts Council.

NEW! As we try to better understand the composition of our membership and our local arts community overall, we ask that new and returning artist and gallery/organization members please participate in a confidential and voluntary Survey and Self-Identification Questionnaire. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The information you provide in this survey helps direct the services we provide for the arts community. Please click here to participate.

Artist Member

You will receive the following benefits:

Fee: $60 (tax receipt of $45)

Gallery & Arts Organization Member

You will receive the following benefits:

This category also includes festivals, teaching institutions, libraries, museums, art & cultural centres, etc.

Fee: $70 (no tax receipt)

Supporter of the Arts Member

Our membership is not only for artists and arts organizations, but for those who wish to participate in and, or support the artistic opportunities that we offer the community.

You will receive the following benefits:


Please note that you can add a donation to your membership in increments of $50. First, choose your membership category, then click “continue shopping” from the Paypal page to return to the Supporter Levels, then choose “add donation $50” from the drop-down menu. You can use the + sign on the Paypal page to adjust your donation.

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