Our Mission

In 1979, members of the community got together to form a group dedicated to promoting the arts in Prince Edward County. In 1986, the Arts Council was formally incorporated and has been serving the community ever since!

Our Mission

The Prince Edward County Arts Council is dedicated to promoting a vibrant arts community by acting as a catalyst for the creation and enjoyment of the arts, and to working collaboratively with those who share a common interest in leveraging the arts for the economic and social development of Prince Edward County.

Our signature events and programs generate upwards of $250,000 in annual sales of art by Ontario artists, help strengthen the local economy through direct and indirect economic impacts amounting to $1,000,000 per year, and contribute to the overall vibrancy of community life for residents of all ages.

Whether through promotional, networking or learning opportunities, through the events we support, or the funding programs available to members, we make it our job to connect artists with their audience!


One of our strengths is incubating events that showcase the diversity of local artists, as well as introducing residents to regional, national, and international talent. For nearly twenty years, two of the County’s largest music festivals benefited from our administrative support until the Chamber Music Festival and PEC Jazz Festival obtained their own charitable status in 2016 & 2017 respectively.

Today, we have the privilege of supporting Art in the County, PEC Arts Trail, PEC Studio Tour, The Maker’s Hand, and County Kids Read. And there’s room to grow! If you have an event or program idea that could benefit from our expertise- please get in touch!

New Initiative

The Artist Fund supports the career development of artists through several grant programs, including Professional Development, Market Development, and Public Art. The Artist Fund is sustained through donations and sponsorship, providing a new way for the community to invest in local artists!

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