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Rhonda Nolan

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Rhonda Nolan
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About Rhonda Nolan

“My art conveys a process of problem solving. My paintings are a conversation between form, energy, texture and intuition. I have developed a personal pictorial dialect, a language of mark making and symbols that I use to convey my thoughts from a place centered in the moment of creation. I feel best when I speak in this language of strong graphic shapes and gestural marks”.

Rhonda Nolan is a contemporary, mixed media artist. She has been developing her particular style over a few years. It is strongly influenced by her relationship to expressive street art and textural mark making. For many years, she coordinated an art program for inner city homeless people in Toronto. Understanding that this particular style of art, frees one of judgment and encourages ‘letting go’ of inhibitions. Textural collage and mark making are her strong characteristics. Her objective is always to challenge herself and go further in her explorations, in order to create a necessary tension that renders a wonderful chaos to the finished work.

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Rhonda Nolan ART

14 Duncan Street, Bloomfield

Open in season from May 24 to Sept 30.
Monday, Wed to Sat 10 – 5pm
Sunday 11 – 5pm
Closed Tuesday

Off season visitors are always welcome by appointment. Please text or call ahead to arrange a time. 613-403-3815

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