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The Silver Lining 48x48
The Silver Lining 48x48
Introducing Kate Golding
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I fell in love with the ancient medium of encaustic painting in 2002. Previously an acrylic painter I was very unhappy with the flatness of the acrylic medium. I loved the depth and colour of oil, but found the messiness and long drying time cumbersome. The encaustic medium became the perfect solution to my creative dilemma. Wax and oil mixed together provide me with the vibrancy of colour inherent of oil, unbelievable texture, combined with the quickness of drying that suits my impatient temperament. Once the wax cools, the medium is dry to touch within seconds.

Currently my muse is the Canadian landscape. The vast fields, forests and lakescapes of Canada provide endless inspiration. Although traditional in subject manner my approach is that of simplicity. I believe strongly that a painting should depict the act of seeing, not the object seen.

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Melt Studio (Artist's Studio)

Studio located in Cherry Valley.

Open by appointment only.

Email: or by phone at 416-893-8664.


For a complete list of Canadian galleries that represent my work, and for my online shop go to

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Commissions are welcome.

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