Approach by Alice Teichert

Oeno Gallery presents Connectivity, new works by multidisciplinary artist Alice Teichert, on now until December 6. The gallery is currently closed to the public until December 21, but you can see a virtual tour of the exhibition by clicking here.

Ever responsive to her environment Teichert has translated her time in isolation into a meditative new series of paintings through which she riffs on notions of connectivity. Her painterly line, like the smooth, continuous, oscillations of the sine wave, propagates throughout this series connecting each painting to a harmonious whole. Sometimes it undulates through the horizon line of the painting and at other times the sine is a glowing circular orb – the universe at a distance as though through a telescope. Sine is line and sine is circle: we are all connected, and what we experience depends on our perspective, is the message.

Working with a new medium and a new palette, Teichert is communicating with us more subtly than ever before: her line, while viscerally present, offers itself as an absence – a fissure between forms; a crack where the light breaks through. Soft rays of white pigment filter out from the pulsing line and lead our eyes into fields of colour that are so fresh and so deep that you may have gotten lost in them were it not for the circular and oblong ‘pauses’ of solid colour points that bop through the paintings strategically like a metronome with its own agenda, leading your eye from place to place, drawing you in and out. These paintings are universal on a deeply personal level and a masterful evolution of style.

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