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Melt Studio and Gallery


Melt Studio and Gallery
Introducing Kate Golding
About Melt Studio and Gallery

Melt Studio and Gallery is located just outside Picton in a historical air force barracks in the former Camp Picton, built in 1940 as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). 701 acres of land on the outskirts of Picton became the home of the Royal Air Force (RAF) where many young British, Canadian and American men trained as combat pilots. Decommissioned in the 60s, many of these barracks are now workspaces for artists, carpenters and various local businesses. Melt Studio and Gallery is excited to become part of this vibrant creative community. 

Melt Studio and Gallery is managed and run by Canadian encaustic artist Susan Wallis and is the home to her encaustic working studio. Susan is thrilled to be in this wonderful space and looks forward to showcasing her work in the gallery space along with a selection of other talented artists and artisans.

Our Mandate:

Our gallery mandate is to foster and enhance public awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the positive cultural significance of the visual arts by showcasing all levels of visual artists and artisans through exhibition. We aim to cultivate a supportive environment for the arts, by providing inexpensive gallery space and the opportunity to showcase works in a safe environment following all COVID-19 protocols. Our Project Gallery rental agreements come with various options so that we can tailor fees to the artist’s means to make accessibility our priority. Our gallery space is open and welcome to all artists and peoples regardless of their age, gender, orientation, backgrounds, etc. We have a zero-tolerance discrimination policy within our gallery to make this environment safe for all, attendees and artists alike.

The Space:

Melt has a working encaustic studio, one large open concept gallery space, 3 small project rooms, and one showroom.

Experience Workshops:

Twice a month, Melt Studio and Gallery will be hosting PAUSE, a Nature + ART Experience Workshop.

The experience begins with a meditative walk, your guide will help you to connect to nature, identifying local plants, and teaching you about their medicinal and healing properties. The idea is that you will feel a sense of calm and clarity that will inspire a piece of art that you create yourself.

After your nature walk, you will then return to Melt studio, where you will compose a collage encaustic painting. Guided by an experienced encaustic artist, you will create an original art piece using items collected during the walk.

See The Work

Melt Studio & Gallery

Located at Loch Sloy Business Park (Camp Picton)

343 County Road 22, Picton, ON
Barrack 3 (Dieppe Road)


Upcoming Exhibition:

Little Red – June-August 2021

Owner Susan Wallis’ modern take on Little Red Riding Hood in encaustic uses the Canadian landscape as the perfect backdrop in this dramatic tale of self-discovery. Wallis has invited other artists and artisans to join her in this journey.

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