Andreas Krätschmer
Three Salt Pinches, Urban Toronto Maple, 2018

Andreas Krätschmer is a woodturner focused on locally sourced wood with sometimes unpredictable characteristics. By working with green, living wood, the material takes an active part in the creative process and invites the maker to reflect on the life of the material itself.

Andreas’ practice is rooted in a deep appreciation for the tradition of crafts, the cultural history of artifacts and our human interaction with nature. Imperfections, cracks, warping, and natural impacts, like fire, and signs of human interaction, like tool marks, are deliberately incorporated to create objects that narrate their own past while living on in the cultural context of our homes.

We are pleased to welcome Andreas to the 2020 PEC Studio Tour taking place September 25-27!! You can also find his original pieces anytime at Guildworks located at 346 Main Street in Bloomfield.

Also visit the artist’s website to learn more.

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