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Guildworks interior
Guildworks interior
Introducing Kate Golding
About Guild Works

Guildworks carries Canadian-made, handmade decorative and visual art. Our mission is to stock a curated collection of ‘well-made items’; homewares and furnishings that are unique, and where artisans are pushing the boundaries of their craft while still creating beautiful pieces that would be at home in any collection. Important to our mission is that we reflect the wealth of talent and artisanship in Canada.

Guildworks stocks an eclectic mix of work in ceramic, glass, textile, jewellery, metal and wood; work that we hope elevates the perception of ‘craft.’ We also curate a small collection of visual art by both established and emerging artists.

Our name refers to the days of the craft guilds, when items were made by hand, often to order and where craftsmanship was lauded for its skill, design and aesthetic. Located in a charming coach house on Bloomfield’s Main Street, we will also offer workshops where people can learn a new craft from some of Canada’s best Artists and Makers.

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346 Main St., Bloomfield

Hours: Wednesday – Monday, 11-5PM

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