The shop allows us to raise funds in support of our activities and programs, including the Artist Fund. Our first product is a limited edition deck of official playing cards, featuring the work of 54 Member Artists!

County Arts Playing Cards

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Please note that we do not offer shipping, and pickup may be challenging during the provincial lockdown. Please email to arrange for a date & time.

County Arts Playing Cards is a social enterprise initiative in support of the Artist Fund- our grant program for local artists pursuing learning opportunities, audience development, and community engagement activities, including public art projects. Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada's Investment Readiness Program administered through The County Foundation, 100% of proceeds from the sale of the first 500 decks will go to artist grants.

The official playing cards deck features work by 54 local artists. Some artists created new work in response to the playing card randomly selected for them, while others submitted images of work they had already created. We are extremely grateful for the participation of the following artists:

Mehdi Agahi, Marvin Bedward, Arwyn Carpenter, Pamela Carter, Florence Chik-Lau, Andie Csafordi, Tomas Del Balso , Krista Dalby, Annik Després, Laura de Vrij, Leslie Fruman, Hogbert (Terry Culbert & Barb Högenauer), Howard Goldberg, Kate Golding, Sarah Hall, Frank Hannan, Luanne Hartman, Michael Herman, Renee Hiltz, Marc Keelan-Bishop, Dianne Kehoe, Elaine Kent, Judy Kent, Michelle Kosoy, Karole Marois, Laurie McRae, Melanie Mena, Peter Mennacher, SaraLou Miller, Kent Monkman, Susan Moshynski, Milé Murtanovski, Leigh Nash, Jana Osterman, Vanessa Pandos, Eliza Parkinson, Pam Patterson, Jason Pettit, Andrea Piller, Danielle Reddick, Gwen Roberts, Celia Sage, Kirei Samuel, Jodi Shuster, Martin Soldat, J. Douglas Thompson, Kyle Topping, Jane Vanderniet, Terry Veevers, Wendy Vervoort, Debra Vincent, Kato Wake, Susan Wallis, and Tara Wilkinson.

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