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In 2020, I was elected to Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC), Ontario Society of Artists (OSA) and Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), the only Canadian artist currently holding all three of these prestigious designations. I am truly honoured to be recognized as a “DESTIG BEST ARTISTS OF 2020”. DESTIG is a UK-based magazine that showcases design, art and travel from around the world.

I am the first and only sculptor to be awarded the Jurors’ Choice Award at  Art in the County, one of Ontario’s premier juried art exhibitions.

Sculpture provides a unique challenge to create images and shapes from materials that initially convey no discernible image or form. Essentially a sculptor creates something from nothing. Unlike most art forms, stone sculptures is “reductive”, created by removing materials. As I work with the stone, it slowly reveals the image within, an expression of its essence and how the stone aspires to show its true self.

My stone sculptures are unique images that convey sensuality, tension, power, beauty and intimacy through my work. Sculptures are a complex, unique, and interpretive art form. Their sculpted shapes exist as an extension of the artist’s vision. My sculptures are abstract, inviting each viewer to experience the piece within their personal context, interpreting its meaning according to their own desires.

My technical knowledge comes from training under two renowned local  artists: sculptor, David Boorne and painter, Barbara Whelan. They taught me to freely explore my ideas and style, embrace experimentation, and be myself with stone.

Sculpting is a solitary but rewarding art form. Each day brings innovative ideas, experiences, and successes. As an art lover and collector, my cherished collection of diverse sculptural pieces are a source of inspiration.

Please come and some spend time at Tom Ashbourne Studio & Gallery @ 17009 Loyalist Parkway, just west of Wellington in Prince Edward County.

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Tom Ashbourne Gallery

Tom Ashbourne Studio & Gallery

17009 Loyalist Parkway

Wellington ON K0K 3L0



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