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Chrissy Poitras, Printmaker
Chrissy Poitras, Printmaker
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About Spark Box Studio

Kyle Topping and Chrissy Poitras are the owners and operators of Spark Box Studio. Both practicing artists, they are graduates of the Fine Arts and Art History programs at Queen’s University.

Their mission is to create an affordable, focused environment that encourages exploration, experimentation and the cultivation of new ideas.

Their vision also includes bringing art outside the studio and into public space through off-site projects such as public installations, outdoor exhibits, and youth outreach programs. Spark Box Studio is also focused on providing artists with career-building material through our Artist as Entrepreneur package and Artist Residency program.

Chrissy and Kyle are also passionate about printmaking and share their space and equipment through the Spark Box Studio Community Print Shop Rental Program. They also run regular workshops and invite the public to stop in to the shop to purchase handmade goods, including hand printed cards, bags, textiles, and prints.

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Spark Box Studio

885 County Road 5, Picton K0K 2T0

Open to the public September-December on Saturday & Sunday from 12-5PM.
All other times by appointment or luck.


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