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Sarah Hall

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"Leaves of Light", solar installation, York University, Toronto
Introducing Kate Golding
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Sarah Hall, CM, RCA

I fell in love with stained glass at nine years of age and decided I would “make windows” as my life’s work.  I followed that dream.  I studied Architectural Glass at Swansea College of Art, UK, apprenticed with Lawrence Lee, glass master from the Royal College of Art, and finished my studies in Jerusalem learning Islamic glass techniques.  I established my own studio in 1980. My work comprises contemporary art glass, mosaic and solar projects at an architectural scale.

As a material glass is less about form than about transformation of space through colour, reflection, transparency and the passage of light.  Glass provides mysterious, ambiguous thresholds – it sets apart and connects.  My love of working in glass lies within its ability to continually surprise me.

My goal in exploring green technologies is to show a new way forward for solar and bird-friendly glass.  As an educator, I have published 35 articles, written/ co-authored 5 books and taught the Art & History of Stained Glass at Regis College, U of T. and currently mentor private students.  A recent honor was to be appointed to the Order of Canada on December 28, 2019.

Please visit my website to see more windows:

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