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Roger & Valerie Scannura performing as Ritmo Flamenco
Roger & Valerie Scannura performing as Ritmo Flamenco
Introducing Kate Golding
About Ritmo Flamenco

Ritmo Flamenco is Canada’s foremost flamenco dance and music ensemble spearheaded by acclaimed flamenco guitarist and composer Roger Scannura and Artistic Director/choreographer/dancer Valerie Scannura. Their work has been seen on stages throughout the world in festivals and concerts where they have received praise for their “brand” of flamenco that refuses to be formulaic. Since the inception of the Ritmo Flamenco Dance and Music Ensemble, formed in 1995 by Valerie and Roger, along with their daughter Anjelica, the company prioritized creating original concepts woven seamlessly into their productions with artists they have mentored, while continually going to the source by travelling to Spain. They have garnered a strong reputation for their authentic brand of flamenco, ensuring their presentations are marked with the Scannuras’ outstanding level of excellence.

Roger and Valerie have been living in Prince Edward County for the past 12 years while also operating their dance school in Toronto, which they have done since 1995. Since arriving in the County they have established a foothold in its vibrant arts scene while bringing diversity combined with European flavour to the area. Having already released over 10 albums, Roger recently released a new album titled Vespers which was recorded exclusively at their home in Hillier. They have successfully integrated flamenco music and dance with the County’s wine culture by performing at wineries that have embraced live music. Flamenco and wine go hand-in-hand and create a beautiful ambiance in venues like the Crystal Palace for the annual Taste the County. Sugarbush Winery, Three Dog Winery, Del-Gatto Estates and Traynor Family Vineyard have all added Ritmo Flamenco’s performance art to the mix, especially during harvest time.

Ritmo Flamenco have also taken part in Gallery exhibitions for County artist Celia Sage at Mad Dog Gallery and have been featured performers at the Rednersville Road Art Tour. For several years, they headlined with their ensemble at the PEC Lavender Festival performing on their outdoor stage for thousands of people at the height of the lavender season. Other private functions have included intimate music and dance performances at the CAPE Mansion in Picton and corporate events for Wentworth Landscapes. Valerie and Roger are currently teaching virtually from their studio in Hillier and Valerie is on the faculty of the Quinte Ballet School of Canada in Belleville.  

Roger is a gifted composer whose music is as beautiful as it is haunting … the talented dancers rivet the eye with their commitment and Valerie, as always, is a compelling performer.” – Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail

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Ritmo Flamenco Dance & Music Ensemble

18566 Loyalist Parkway, Hillier

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