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One thing I learned, back in art school, stood out among the many theories and techniques: How to see light and what it does to an object or landscape. And that, in essence, is what I continue to try and capture in my paintings.

I’ve worked in acrylics and various other mediums, but now my choice is oil paint on canvas. Oils are slow drying and allow me to relax. I can re-visit a painting I started and pick up where I left off. I paint what surrounds me. The subject is not what matters most. How I feel at the moment when I see what I see however, is important to me. The moment when I want to say to the person next to me: Did you see that? – and then the moment is gone…

I try to capture these moments in my paintings. I try to show the harmony I see. How the sky meets the horizon, how the wind unifies shapes of clouds, waves, leaves and trees to form one harmonious movement. How pedestrians in the city mingle with cars and streetcars to create one seemingly choreographed dance.

What fascinates me, and what I try to achieve in my paintings, is in essence  the same thing that a good piece of music can sometimes do. How an arrangement of notes or an arrangement of colours in harmony, can leave you with a special feeling, evoke a special memory.

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