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Kirei Samuel

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Kirei Samuel
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About Kirei Samuel

Kirei is a glass fusing artist. In 2009, she opened Lalaland Glass Studio in Bloomfield. Her studio/gallery houses her many years of creating one of a kind pieces in jewellery, plates, bowls and artwork. Prior to opening Lalaland, Kirei participated in arts and craft shows throughout Ontario. Kirei’s work has been featured in print and on TV.

Lalaland Glass Studio is a “must see” attraction when visiting the County. Kirei has created a unique setting in an 1880’s carriage barn to showcase her unique creations in glass. Kirei strives for movement and flow in each piece she creates, whether it is jewelry or art work. Her work is innovative, energetic and creative. It is sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious, but always one of a kind. Her line includes artwork, vases, plates, bowls and jewelry at price points for any budget.

She is a member of the PEC Studio Tour.

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LalaLand Glass Studio

2317 Prince Edward County Road 1, Bloomfield, ON

(613) 393-1307

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