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Jo Kressin

Multidisciplinary Artist

2x4xBluexVertical (145 x 62 CM)
2x4xBluexVertical (145 x 62 CM)
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About Jo Kressin

With a move to PEC in 2017, I started to work with wood, particularly the iconic 2×4. My block art reliefs and furniture objects – inspired by both Canadian home building and my home country’s Bauhaus train of thought – transfer this standard and raw material into new visual dimensions and conceptual ideas.

My journey began as an apprentice to a cabinetmaker in NRW Germany. It was there that I developed my strong passion for clean and functional design. After studying design and during the many years of running a visual communication company, I discovered a quiet and minimalist approach to the environment and developed my sense for simple design.

My photographic works represent a spectrum from abandoned industrial sites in my native Germany to contemplative Canadian landscapes that reflect both genuine interest in the subject, place and moment, as well as respect for accidental discovery.

I only seek balance and simplicity, as is demonstrated in my recent objects. It is the sum of many technical and design decisions that make a piece unique and very personal. While my aesthetic remains unchanged, the shifts in subject matter echo my path through life.

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Jo Kressin Studio

18760 Loyalist Parkway, Hillier

Open by appointment.

613-852 2583

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