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J. Douglas Thompson


Keep Looking Up
Keep Looking Up
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About J. Douglas Thompson

I paint in acrylic depicting the atmospheric effects of light and water in all its forms and how they affect the broader landscape. My paintings are also personal metaphoric expressions of light filled hope in juxtaposition to the sometimes dark challenges of life.

I have travelled widely across North America and visited and or worked in sixty-five plus countries.

I have exhibited at Art Expo, New York, the TIAF (Toronto International Art Fair) and with several galleries representing my work. I recently had a one person show at the CBC building, Front Street, Toronto. Also my paintings have been shown at the National Museum of Ecuador and I’ve done commission work for members of the government of Ecuador. My work is found in corporate and private collections.

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J. D. Thompson Studio

448 Wilson Road, Bloomfield
(613) 399-3857

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