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Dawn L Ayer

Multidisciplinary Artist

Snail's Pace by Dawn L Ayer, Leap of Fate photomontage series
Snail's Pace by Dawn L Ayer, Leap of Fate photomontage series
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About Dawn L Ayer

As an artist, I hesitate to label my work. I guess this is why the term multidisciplinary suits me best. My first medium was Laurentian coloured pencils and my newest is papier collé, which is a specific form of collage that is closer to drawing than painting.

I have a deep affinity for traditional watercolours, which was sparked and nurtured for more than 30 years by my late mentor Anthony J. Batten. Painting pool water with delightfully unpredictable watercolours is the one constant throughout my body of work. And while I periodically dabble in acrylics, 2020 saw me rediscovering the tactile joy of oils some 35 years after I painted an owl on a tree stump.

Seeking out expert instructors, I continue to expand my portfolio by printmaking on paper and fabric using lino, screens and wood. Most recently, I’ve been reinventing my digital photography as precisely hand-cut photomontages. Since 2019, my ongoing “Leap of Fate” photomontage series juxtaposes species in surreal Toronto and County situations.

A selected list of my recent exhibitions includes:

I archive just some of the things that catch my attention. You can learn more about my content artist work and how to contact me directly at

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Studio 94 @ Three Gables PEC

Located in Athol, South Shore, Prince Edward County

Open by appointment only


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