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Allen Hirsh

Mixed Media Artist

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About Allen Hirsh

I think of myself as a ‘constructivist’ – someone who puts things together. Although the mediums I’ve used over the years have changed, many of the themes are similar – such as:

My process of work involves sketching the overall wooden construction and creating a paper pattern.  I use a combination of new and found wood, sometimes reworking and incorporating older painted pieces.  I use acrylic paint, oil crayons and pencil to add colour and images, as well as gouge the wood, and use other sculptural techniques to add texture and dimension.  I’ll then change and repaint pieces until I’m satisfied that the work is done.

For more information please get in touch.

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Maison Depoivre

Loch Sloy Business Park, Barrack #3, 343 County Rd 22, Picton

Merrill House

343 Main Street East, Picton

Rose Hall Run Winery

1243 Greer Road, Wellington


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