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Somewhere in the Prairies by Agnes Bellegris, acrylic on canvas
Somewhere in the Prairies by Agnes Bellegris, acrylic on canvas
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About Agnes Bellegris

Although some would refer to my skills as self-taught, I beg to differ. Though I have always painted, I began my journey to learning in 2009 with well-known Calgary artist Liba Labik as my teacher. I joined the Cochrane Arts Club in 2013 where I was able to take a multitude of workshops with respected Canadian western artists such as Randy Hayashi, Linda Wilder and Donna McDonald. Having started this journey out west meant the mountains and rugged nature surrounding me were my inspiration.  Painting in acrylics is my freedom to explore, to create, to add colour to the world in ways that cannot otherwise be achieved. Painting for me is also a moment; a memory captured and brought to the present permanently — similar to a photograph but more vibrant and stylized.

My life’s journey has taken me across Canada. This country’s landscape and animals are my inspiration. Sometimes I will venture into abstracts, but even those are inspired by nature’s dance. The colours I use are an expression of the vibrancy I want to see in the world. The essence of what I do is to paint what I love.

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