Artist Residency

Our new Artist Residency Program aims to foster professional growth of Artist Members by providing a space where they can concentrate fully on their creative practice.

The program will run in January, February & March, 2021. Successful candidates will receive one-month access to a 550 square foot space on the ground floor of The Armoury building in Picton. The space is a corner unit with three large windows that open, polished cement floor, small kitchen with sink, and fiber-optic internet. The residency must culminate in an activity (of the artist’s choosing) that is accessible to the public. Activities can be virtual.

Projects that involve a collaboration between artists and/or artistic disciplines are permitted, but must adhere to current public health guidelines. If your project involves a collaboration, please contact Janna Smith prior to submitting a proposal.


Any Artist Member in good standing can apply, including professional and new generation artists. To be considered, artists should demonstrate a consistent style, method, or conceptual framework for their individual artistic practices.

What kind of projects will be selected?

The most appealing proposals clearly define goals and objectives, and demonstrate how this residency will push the boundaries of the artist’s existing practice. These guidelines are meant to be broad so that you can customize your proposal and get the most out of the project – but the more details that are provided about how and why this project should be completed show a fuller understanding, and therefore a greater likelihood, of how this project can be completed successfully.

Community Component

In order to foster community awareness and appreciation for the arts, we request that Artist Residents share their experience with the community. This can be achieved through various activities, including artist talks, exhibitions, readings, video montage, photographs, etc. Activities can be virtual.

How are projects selected?

A committee will review the applications and select residents based on the following project criteria:

What to submit?

1. A letter of intent describing how you will use the space to further your existing practice. Include details about your practice, and clearly define the goals (outcome) and objectives (actions) you plan to undertake during the residency. Please describe the collaboration with other artists, if applicable. Also, describe how you will share the outcome of your residency with the community and indicate what month (January, February, or March) is your first choice, second choice, and third choice. Are you available for any of the three months should your proposal be selected?

2. Artist résumé. Include résumés for all artists involved, if applicable.

3. Portfolio or website address where a minimum of 6 images can be viewed.

What is the submission deadline?

December 11, 2020 / Submit to

Are there any other commitments required of Artist Residents?

Artist Residents will be required to sign an agreement with the Arts Council to have access to the space. Some Artist Resident responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

Do Artist Residents have to pay a rental fee?


Are housing, travel, or art supply expenses covered by this residency?


We recommend having a brief discussion with Janna Smith before submitting an application to answer any questions you may have. Please email: or call 613-476-8767.

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