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Olga Everaert

Mixed Media Artist

The Meseta, acrylic, graphite on canvas
The Meseta, acrylic, graphite on canvas
Introducing Kate Golding
About Olga Everaert

I may have wandered far and away, but Amsterdam forever remains home and mine. A city, a place where the great Dutch Masters are household names. Culture is inhaled by osmosis.

Mine was an artistically minded family. I inherited my mother’s oil paints and the etchings and pen and ink drawings of my grandmother’s uncle; an artist who wore a floppy beret like the one seen in Rembrandt’s self portrait.

I am an artist and thus I create something that has not yet existed before.  Always exploring new ways to express myself and for this I need freedom; I do not like to be hemmed in or restricted in what it is I do.

I attempt to express the deepest self, the true self. If I study, it is in order to gain greater freedom to do so. I love to study the Masters, the ones that have gone before. I have learned much from the Expressionists who also studied the Dutch Masters and went on to create their own masterpieces. Artists learning from artists.

I like simplicity and think I am a minimalist… abstraction is hugely appealing. Charcoal, since early childhood, is a preferred medium. Likewise ink, unforgiving as it is but maybe that is why I like the challenge. A huge passion is printmaking. I dream of one day owning a studio with printer and endless space. When I returned to art full time, I began with sculpting in clay, a medium I had played with as child and wanted to become serious about. Which lead to Life Drawing…

After a lifetime of wandering between Europe and Canada, living and exploring many places, I have settled down for now, in this little island in the midst of Lake Ontario, known as ‘The County’.

To see more of my work, please visit

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Gallery 121

48 Bridge St. E, Belleville

Work on display from July 3-August 11, 2018.

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