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I’ve always been sketching. As far back as I remember.

I graduated from OCA in Advertising Design and spent most of my career working in large ad agencies as an Art Director on blue chip accounts.

I learned that communicating was best kept as simple as possible, the big idea being more important than the execution  and creating/rendering my own layouts formed a basis for my painting skills.

Frequent trips to Cape Cod led me to develop a love for the ornate gold leafed dimensional signage in the New England tradition. I learned how to make these signs down there which combined my love of typography with three dimensional graphics. A useful medium in a new art form.

This proved to be satisfying but seasonal in nature and I was able to do fine art through the off season. I have tried various mediums but find acrylics most suitable.

We moved to Bloomfield from Toronto 2 years ago where I have enjoyed getting involved in the PEC arts community in both music and art. If you would like to learn more about my work, please visit

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