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M.P. Tully

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Regent Theatre in the Summer, Currently part of Art in the County
Regent Theatre in the Summer, Currently part of Art in the County
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About M.P. Tully

Since childhood, M.P. Tully has had a passion for capturing the energy of buildings and people. He studied fine arts at St. Lawrence College, and learned early on that he enjoyed being amongst people when working on his art- whether working on location painting a beautiful heritage building in Kingston or abroad, sketching a musical act, an important hockey game, or a wall mural on the side of a motel in B.C.

Along with selling his original paintings and prints, M.P. Tully takes work on commission through his website. Please visit to learn more about this opportunity and see more of his work.

Together with his wife, Kyra, M.P Tully forms a folk singer songwriter duo Kyra and Tully. In November 2020 they released their fifth studio album, Time with eleven original songs that are filled with heartfelt voices and plenty of harmonies woven in orchestral instrumentation. The lyrics, which explore everything from the joys and challenges of parenting to the delights of nature, also acknowledge a shared humanity.

The hard copy CD with songbook; Vinyl Record with songbook and SONGBOOK with download card are available to purchase from or at The Local Store.

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768 County Road 12, Bloomfield


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