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Canadian Pastoral
Canadian Pastoral
Introducing Kate Golding

I am a lifelong student of the photographic arts who has been creating images for over 60 years. Early on, I photographed via medium and large format film cameras. Darkroom techniques to alter or manipulate film were extremely limited when seeking to create artistic images, but with the advent of the digital age, artistic expression abounds. Today, my creations are massaged to translate my creative vision regarding the subject matter or environment. In my opinion, artistic endeavors should stimulate reaction via positive reception or controversy. My photography is more about creating a mood or invoking an emotion than merely recording reality. Digital cameras, imaging software, and digital printing methods are all tools to be utilized during the creative process. All artistic endeavors are a combination of vision and skill – imagination fosters artistic vision while a thorough working knowledge of the essential tools satisfies the skill component.

Many of my creations have been purchased by private collectors and publications.

A graduate of the Famous Photographers (Correspondence) Course conducted by the Famous Photographers School Westport, Connecticut, 1964 – 1966.

Artist member of Prince Edward County Arts Council for over 15 years.

Motto and Philosophy: Make Art . . . There can never be enough!

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