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Luanne Hartman


Abandoned House on Salmon Point Road
Abandoned House on Salmon Point Road
Introducing Kate Golding
About Luanne Hartman

As a newcomer to the county (2017), my mind is exploding with inspiration with its breathtaking sunsets, rugged shorelines, vineyards, and old barns.

My education/profession was in graphic arts, however, for the most part, as a fine artist, I am self taught. Much of my work is realism and very detailed. Now having the time to explore and experiment, I’ve found painting “outside the lines” quite enlightening and freeing.

Moving from the comfort of realism, to a more loose style (using only my fingers at times), the expressionism/abstract flow of fluid painting has helped me uncover a new passion.

For more information or to see more of my work, please visit my website or contact me at


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