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Kate Golding

Surface Pattern Designer

Sumac wallpaper / Photography by Johnny C.Y. Lam
Sumac wallpaper / Photography by Johnny C.Y. Lam
Introducing Kate Golding
About Kate Golding

I am a surface pattern designer specializing in wallpaper and fabric design. Located just outside of Prince Edward County by the shores of Lake Ontario, I find my inspiration in the flora, fauna, landmarks and landscapes which surrounds us. I like to get outside as much as possible to look for new ideas and influences. All of my designs begin with sketches and notes. I then work with ink, brush and fine line pen on my light table to create layered transparencies. Each layer is then scanned into my computer so I can form motifs and repeat patterns.

I currently have two collections of wallpaper, my latest Great Lakes collection includes Beaver Dams, Garter Snakes, Blue Jays and Sumac. I enjoy developing my own ideas and design collections as well as collaborating with others to create custom artwork. I hope you enjoy my work and find connection with the local influences. Find my designs at

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