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Into the Clearing
Into the Clearing
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About Guðrún Gallo

Guðrún (Finnbogadottir) Gallo was born in Iceland. She graduated from Durham College in Oshawa, ON with a Graphic Design diploma in the mid 80’s. She worked as a Design Editor and Art Director for many well known national magazine publications and newspapers in Toronto, including The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail National Newspaper before moving to Prince Edward County in 2001 with her young family.

Guðrún has been painting for twenty years or so, off and on; taking a hiatus to focus on running her retail business. Fortunately she is now able to solely focus on her love of painting and creating, cultivating her unique style in acrylic and oil. Her work has been collected both privately and publicly. Guðrún has also displayed her art in various regional shows such as Art in the County and galleries throughout Southeastern Ontario. 

Visit Guðrún’s website to see a broader scope of works. 

Artist Statement: 

I enjoy creating movement and flurry with the paint though sometimes it’s the preciseness and tension in my work that lends itself to a well composed piece, beckoning the viewer into the details and the depths. 

Whether the subject is a still life or a landscape, that energy comes through, by way of the composition, colour palette and my brushwork. I have always been drawn to Expressionism and aspire to this way of painting even now, though more loosely at times, painting in an alla prima style, sometimes blurring reality to a point of mere suggestion of the subject. I am constantly honing in on my ‘voice’ as a painter. 

I am infatuated with painting trees and explosive skies – and I’m loving this paint exploration! 

Collage, charcoal and oil pastel are also introduced into my pieces at times. These materials, I find, have invited the viewer further into the raw depths of my work, hopefully evoking further interest and curiosity. 

I’m looking at the world a little differently now, since the pandemic, and I’m optimistic of what that will bring. 

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