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Briana Godden

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Blue Skull Surrounded by Dreams by Briana Godden, acrylic, 20
Blue Skull Surrounded by Dreams by Briana Godden, acrylic, 20" x 16"
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About Briana Godden

Briana is an artist who lives in Trenton, Ontario. She has been endeavoring to document and illustrate her dreams since the pandemic began, cataloguing over 100 nights of dreams in vivid detail. There has been a lot of exploration on the subject of dreams and their content since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This is allowing for an unadulterated look into the minds of everyday people who report longer, more vivid dreams. Briana believes her creative mind has been more fully unleashed during the pandemic, an unexpected result that she attributes to an altered sleep schedule, work and relationship adjustments, and the emergence of a “new normal.”

Currently undertaking multiple interdisciplinary projects from a home studio, Briana is working on building a strong visual identity through iteration and documentation. Her artistic practice is led by an ambition to articulate the deliberations of a creative mind, marrying contemporary paint applications with illustrative elements and collage. She draws inspiration from her dreams, surrealism, and sci-fi/fantasy culture.

Right now Briana is refining a website to provide prints to her online audience for purchase by summer 2021. 

Briana’s recent certifications include Pre-Animation and Illustration from Algonquin College, Painting and Drawing as well as Digital Image Design from Fleming College.

To learn more about the artist follow Briana on Instagram or head over to her website to see recent works.

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