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Brian Sword


Brian Sword, Filmmaker
Brian Sword, Filmmaker
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Brian Sword is the co-founder of County Productions, and local video production company. After earning his Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, he headed west to Vancouver to attend film school.  After graduating, he worked on various movie and TV productions, including the Canadian feature Dress to Kill and the CBC show The Urban Peasant, before moving to corporate video for the “work-life balance”.  In his 15 years creating corporate video, Brian worked with companies like Sony, Panasonic, Staples, and Telus.  He always brought something unique to each video and won several awards, including the prestigious Pixie and Telly Awards.  Brian also began creating music videos, including ones for Canadian acts Brighton Rock and Lee Aaron, and he hopes to continue this passion in the County.

Since opening in 2017, County Productions has created videos for local artists, companies and non-profits, such as the Prince Edward County Studio Tour, and  the ROC.  Our goal is to use the art of video to showcase the amazing artists and businesses we have in the County.

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