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Sas Long and Jamie McCuaig cultivating flowers at Floralora Flower Farm.
Sas Long and Jamie McCuaig cultivating flowers at Floralora Flower Farm.
Introducing Kate Golding
About Johnny C.Y. Lam

My name is Johnny and I am an editorial and advertising photographer, specializing in portrait and documentary photography. C.Y. are the initials of my Chinese name Chung Yin (中 賢). My love for telling stories with pictures is fueled by my passion for people, travel and food. On my 12th birthday, my mother bought me a plastic point & shoot camera. It was the most magical present. Most of my photos then were of friends and family, and my childhood adventures growing up in Hong Kong.

My Family moved to Canada a few years later and I trained as a commercial illustrator, but I never formally studied photography. Shortly after college, I moved to Germany and started travelling extensively. I hitched hiked from Berlin to Morocco and slept under the open sky in the Spanish Pyrenees. The 3-year journey took me to over 40 countries and the experience changed me forever. It was then I knew I wanted to be a photographer and to continue to travel the world.

You can contact me directly through, if you’d like to know more about private commission.

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Hinterland Winery

Framed, limited edition prints from the series “Selected Works from Prince Edward County” can be purchased at Hinterland Winery.

1258 Closson Road, Hillier

Books & Company

My work will be featured in a new book about Prince Edward County, published by Random House Canada.

The book will also be available this summer at Books & Company.

289 Main Street, Picton

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