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Of Two Minds
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I’m a landscape photographer born and raised in Prince Edward County. I’ve been published in Canadian Geographic and won the Nikon Canada contest for their gallery at the 2020 Contact Photography Festival . My work was showcased as a solo show by Carbon Art + Design through my show Neutral Fury.

Throughout my life I have appreciated the unique beauty of my home and have always sought out ways to experience it. Hiking, and working as a land surveyor exposed me to some of the more unusual environs of the County, and I began to search for ways to share my perspective. I’ve never been talented with mediums such as drawing or painting but found that with photography I could create images which matched closely what I saw and experienced. After many years I finally stumbled into photography, which at its essence is painting with light.

What I hope to achieve with my work is to show others what I see, to share with them my own appreciation of my home and so gain a deeper attachment to the land. The scenes I’m drawn to the most contain clearly defined characters within the landscape, objects that stand out and are iconic to this place. Prince Edward County has an abundant shoreline and it is here that I can find the scenes that are the most accurate, and emotional, translation of what this place really is. The rhythm of the waves, the clear view of the horizon and the wide open expanse of the lake that surrounds us are instantly recognizable as the County.

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